Love Triangle 2.0

Since past year I am literally in love with this contemporary fashion brand, Vajor. It’s the kind of clothing brand which does not claim to be too high style but Unknowingly brings the high style fashion in our lives. I personally think they wittingly try to add traditional prints in their modern day clothing and it is for good.

Vajor understands today’s woman truly and completely as they incorporate the edge and fierce nature of today’s woman in their designs.

Their four major collections, ‘It was all green’, ‘Ink collection’, ‘China blue’, and ‘Morocco Diaries’ bring varied Palettes of colours together. Every collection has a story behind it, dedicated to the women of the modern era

There is something so simple yet so special about these collections by Vajor that I can’t keep my hands off these. Whether you have a hard day at work or just a relaxed evening with friends or family, you know that its most important to look good in what you wear and at the same time you want it to be simple , cozy and comfy, Vajor gives you all those things.

You can browse through the collection of Jewellery, shoes, bags and clothing and shop instantly at

My top 3 favourites from Vajor are:.

I have a thing for Green, the way its fantastical palette brings a glow on a woman’s face when she wears a green dress or the way green spectrum brightens our homes.

The Botanical Dress


La Perla Clutch


Pastel Crystal Earrings



If you don't believe in miracles, perhaps you have forgotten you're one!

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