My Jewel Box!! – The Vajor treasure!

I love long tassels and chandelier earrings!

This July I professed my love and obsession for chandelier earrings. It was love at first glance when scrolling through my Instagram feed I found the‘s Jewellery. So my first thought was- “Let’s Ear It!!”

The ear has been a part of the body that has seen lots of new and interesting designs lately. With designs inspired by a light and airy feel, style in clothing is obvious, but jewelry too?!  YES.

While searching my top three favourites from the website I saw Golden Sylvan and I knew this was my “it” piece for the year :).
The other two ear pieces I got were Golden Triangle & X-mas Cube.

Another exciting bit I picked up- Free People Green


Did I mention my whole experience with was amazing. They will most definitely always put a smile on my face!

Untitled    >> make sure you check out their Instagram feed here.

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