A standalone episode by Shantanu & Nikhil at Lakme Fashion Week 2016

The sense of freedom and patriotism for Indians has often been questioned and debated.

The fact that two men are into fashion doesn’t mean that they are not patriotic was proved with the passionate affair shown by Shantanu & Nikhil on the Day 4 of Lakme Fashion Week 2016.

It is a common saying that thought is free. A man can never be hindered from thinking whatever he chooses so long as he conceals what he thinks. At present freedom of speech and expression is taken as a matter of course and seems a perfectly simple thing. We are so accustomed to it that we look on it as a natural right. But this right has been acquired only in quite recent times, and the way to its attainment has lain through lakes of blood. It has taken centuries to persuade the most enlightened people that liberty to publish and portray one’s opinions, is a good and not a bad thing.

The theme for Men’s wear being “Mutiny 1919” was a robust way to resurrect the spirit of freedom (general and of speech and expression too) in the country. As Shantanu and Nikhil themselves quoted

“A most valiant brand of man, lay resurrected in the spirit of a nation that readied itself to wreck it’s shackles; The Mutiny 1919 at the@lakmefashionwk .”


In 1919 the British avenged the betrayal and how severely they dealt with the Indians who joined hands, in any manner, with the forces fighting to get rid of a foreign power that had occupied their motherland.

It is ironical that today instead of truly and completely celebrating the freedom and independence we have to keep on reviving the spirits of one of the most brutal massacre in the history of the World.  The reason, perhaps, is that after 70 years we the Indians have a glorified idea of freedom where we do not want to sweat it out to get what is most essential unless it is for personal enhancement.

In Lakme Fashion week this year we have contemplated that the fashion industry is keeping close to the roots of the country, trying to relate with the traditions one way or the other. There is a strong cognizance between fashion and self expression, albeit, this time there was an ethos for emancipation.

During the times when the country is feeling shackled it is a bold reminder to the country that “Sarfaroshi ki tammanna Ab BHI humare dil me hai”.


Creating a strong fusion between the Past, Present and the future the collection by Shantanu & Nikhil was in every way rebellious. With details like Belts, Contemporary Buckles, Bracers, and of course Turbans, this emerging trend inspired by gutsy rebellious theme is worth a praise.







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Love Triangle 2.0 Vajor.com

Since past year I am literally in love with this contemporary fashion brand, Vajor. It’s the kind of clothing brand which does not claim to be too high style but Unknowingly brings the high style fashion in our lives. I personally think they wittingly try to add traditional prints in their modern day clothing and it is for good.

Vajor understands today’s woman truly and completely as they incorporate the edge and fierce nature of today’s woman in their designs.

Their four major collections, ‘It was all green’, ‘Ink collection’, ‘China blue’, and ‘Morocco Diaries’ bring varied Palettes of colours together. Every collection has a story behind it, dedicated to the women of the modern era

There is something so simple yet so special about these collections by Vajor that I can’t keep my hands off these. Whether you have a hard day at work or just a relaxed evening with friends or family, you know that its most important to look good in what you wear and at the same time you want it to be simple , cozy and comfy, Vajor gives you all those things.

You can browse through the collection of Jewellery, shoes, bags and clothing and shop instantly at Vajor.com.

My top 3 favourites from Vajor are:.

I have a thing for Green, the way its fantastical palette brings a glow on a woman’s face when she wears a green dress or the way green spectrum brightens our homes.

The Botanical Dress


La Perla Clutch


Pastel Crystal Earrings




Vajor can be found on Facebook & Instagram.

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Weaving Checkmate! Urmiweave.com

Today, as in ancient times, weaving is more social than ever, and everyone involved seems to love it.

I recently came across a brand which is trying to make a statement with this traditional Indian art of weaving. Urmi has unique, simple and elegant designs of bags which i would say are inimitable in the fashion world.

It will not be tad too much to say that Urmi is India’s Mansur Gavriel. Founded in India, Urmi creates hand woven bags which are made by recyclable sustainable materials ( I need to learn a little more about what material is it though).

I believe the simplicity which the bags adorn is going to make it big on global platform. It doesn’t take much time for one to fall for these beauties.

While my favourite from the Spring/Summer’16 collection is the Large clutch (this is available in 7 colours, Aquamarine, Azure, Feather, Mango, Moss, Rose, Shell), there are options out of totes and variants of clutches.





Urmi can be found on Facebook, Instagram

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Personal stylist! Stage3.co

There have always been times in the life of an Indian woman when she doesn’t have absolutely Anything to wear for a function. The horror she faces at that moment can not be explained in words. Shopping at the last moment is also not an option sometimes (because we all know how many blunders can happen at that very last moment aka desperation). The idea of renting does not cross our minds very often, well, borrowing may be… but…

Stage3.co a website which is trying to revolutionize the idea of borrowing in terms of renting an outfit for reasonable prices will definitely change our mindset.

  1. They offer designer outfits, from Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Shantanu & Nikhil,  Payal Singhal, Gauri & Nainika and Anamika Khanna.
  2. The rent is meager, i mean literally meager.
  3. You get the elegant fitted dresses for every occasion. They have an ensemble of traditional party wear and Weekend wear as well.
  4. The best part if that they are ready to do everything at your door steps. You select 3 looks, they send them at your home accompanied with their stylist who takes your measurements and finally they alter accordingly and send the outfit on the day you want to wear it. Isn’t that swell!!!

The most amazing part of Stage3.co right now is that you get every outfit for a rent of Rs 2500 till the end of June.


sabyasachigauri and nainikaridhi mehra


You have to try it to love it… I am pretty hinged upon this whole Stage.

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The L’orèal Paris Survival Kit

We loved curating the ultimate L’orèal survival kit for all our followers. We at Mayrose believe that L’orèal has always been Successful in bringing its products which are always true to their claims. We recommend this survival kit for the day to day life of a working woman.
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My Jewel Box!! – The Vajor treasure!

My Jewellery box!

Mayrose By Nivea

I love long tassels and chandelier earrings!

This July I professed my love and obsession for chandelier earrings. It was love at first glance when scrolling through my Instagram feed I found the Vajor.com‘s Jewellery. So my first thought was- “Let’s Ear It!!”

The ear has been a part of the body that has seen lots of new and interesting designs lately. With designs inspired by a light and airy feel, style in clothing is obvious, but jewelry too?!  YES.

While searching my top three favourites from the website I saw Golden Sylvan and I knew this was my “it” piece for the year :).
The other two ear pieces I got were Golden Triangle & X-mas Cube.

Another exciting bit I picked up- Free People Green


Did I mention my whole experience with Vajor.com was amazing. They will most definitely always put a smile on my face!

Untitled …

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A Love Triangle you want to be a part of! #1.2

My love triangle

I can’t express how much I love the Clinique Smart custom repair eye treatment serum. It clearly appreciates what Clinique claims about this product: “If a woman can do at least four things at once, her skin care should too.”
As in my last post I admitted of being in love with sling bags ans messenger bags, I again found myself falling for yet another sling bag. The good part about this one is that it is a Clutch as well as Sling bag.
Pinks are quintessential in my wardrobe. Getting one more is not ever a doubt for me. I am getting this one this week.

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What’s in my bucket??

While I am very comfortable with my messenger bags, I discovered that Bucket bags make the whole ‘Bag’ experience all the more exciting.
I didn’t even get to know when exactly the Bucket Bag became the biggest accessory trend. The seemingly Ever-growing trend of bucket bags has gotten on my mind and I have now come to terms with the fact that I am actually drooling to get one of the buckets for me.
I saw a few on Polyvore.com of the most omnipresent trend today.
Wats in my bucket??

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I no longer have Patience

I recently read a quote by José Micard Teixeira and it was a sudden connection to everything i experience too. It is everything I live by Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.


Brilliantly written and perfectly expressed.

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