Instagram helping Gucci to remain relevant?

Every time I open my Instagram, there comes Gucci eyeing my feed... and there pops a question in my mind.. Why me? Why does Gucci think a random middle class person from India will buy it's products sitting in (ok not such a small town) in India? These odd doubtful thoughts come to my mind … Continue reading Instagram helping Gucci to remain relevant?

Love Triangle 2.0

Since past year I am literally in love with this contemporary fashion brand, Vajor. It's the kind of clothing brand which does not claim to be too high style but Unknowingly brings the high style fashion in our lives. I personally think they wittingly try to add traditional prints in their modern day clothing and … Continue reading Love Triangle 2.0

Weaving Checkmate!

Today, as in ancient times, weaving is more social than ever, and everyone involved seems to love it. I recently came across a brand which is trying to make a statement with this traditional Indian art of weaving. Urmi has unique, simple and elegant designs of bags which i would say are inimitable in the fashion … Continue reading Weaving Checkmate!

The L’orèal Paris Survival Kit

The L'orèal Paris Survival Kit by mayrosebynivea featuring a voluminous mascara We loved curating the ultimate L'orèal survival kit for all our followers. We at Mayrose believe that L'orèal has always been Successful in bringing its products which are always true to their claims. We recommend this survival kit for the day to day life … Continue reading The L’orèal Paris Survival Kit

My Jewel Box!! – The Vajor treasure!

My Jewellery box!

Mayrose By Nivea

I love long tassels and chandelier earrings!

This July I professed my love and obsession for chandelier earrings. It was love at first glance when scrolling through my Instagram feed I found the‘s Jewellery. So my first thought was- “Let’s Ear It!!”

The ear has been a part of the body that has seen lots of new and interesting designs lately. With designs inspired by a light and airy feel, style in clothing is obvious, but jewelry too?!  YES.

While searching my top three favourites from the website I saw Golden Sylvan and I knew this was my “it” piece for the year :).
The other two ear pieces I got were Golden Triangle & X-mas Cube.

Another exciting bit I picked up- Free People Green


Did I mention my whole experience with was amazing. They will most definitely always put a smile on my face!

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A Love Triangle you want to be a part of! #1.2

My love triangle by mayrosebynivea featuring a leather purse I can't express how much I love the Clinique Smart custom repair eye treatment serum. It clearly appreciates what Clinique claims about this product: "If a woman can do at least four things at once, her skin care should too." As in my last post I … Continue reading A Love Triangle you want to be a part of! #1.2

What’s in my bucket??

While I am very comfortable with my messenger bags, I discovered that Bucket bags make the whole 'Bag' experience all the more exciting. I didn't even get to know when exactly the Bucket Bag became the biggest accessory trend. The seemingly Ever-growing trend of bucket bags has gotten on my mind and I have now … Continue reading What’s in my bucket??