Weaving Checkmate! Urmiweave.com

Today, as in ancient times, weaving is more social than ever, and everyone involved seems to love it.

I recently came across a brand which is trying to make a statement with this traditional Indian art of weaving. Urmi has unique, simple and elegant designs of bags which i would say are inimitable in the fashion world.

It will not be tad too much to say that Urmi is India’s Mansur Gavriel. Founded in India, Urmi creates hand woven bags which are made by recyclable sustainable materials ( I need to learn a little more about what material is it though).

I believe the simplicity which the bags adorn is going to make it big on global platform. It doesn’t take much time for one to fall for these beauties.

While my favourite from the Spring/Summer’16 collection is the Large clutch (this is available in 7 colours, Aquamarine, Azure, Feather, Mango, Moss, Rose, Shell), there are options out of totes and variants of clutches.



URMIs in progress🌈

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🎨 #urmi #colors

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