Mansur Gavriel bags: The new Rage!!

It’s the bucket bag season in the market right now. So I have been waiting for this moment from a long time now. If you follow the social media and are a sucker for bags, you must be knowing the name Mansur Gavriel by now. Apparently these bags have created a rage. Everyone from Karlie Kloss to Sussie Bubble to Eva Chen have been spotted with a Mansur Gavriel.The New York based design label was founded in 2012 by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel.

The relatively simple and minimalist silhouettes bags with the tiny gold logo come in three main shapes – tote, bucket and backpack and are pretty much sold out everywhere especially the bucket bags.

The designers of Mansur Gavriel, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, say they chose the bucket because they loved the ease of its shape. To emphasize that, they minimized elements such as hardware. They added a detachable wallet for better organization.




But how much does Simplicity cost? It’s from $400 to $1500.

So where all can you buy these bags??




The Editorialist


My Chemeleon
The Corner Shop 


Anita Hass

This is one of those trends that swells up when no one is looking. See the Instagram Feed to believe it.

The designed in New York, Made in Italy tagline is sweeping them off the shelves as soon as they get there.

If you are one of those simplicity loving Fashionistas, you definitely want one of these.

(Although it does dig deep in your pocket)

– MayroseByNivea

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