A Love Triangle You want to be a Part of! #1.0

Every Wednesday I am talking about the love triangle.

From ages I used to constantly pull on my clothes when I sat or stood up.  After years of accidentally showing my tummy or lower back to strangers, I discovered bodysuits and never looked back!

Short-Sleeved Lace Bodysuit

Price: Rs 1089


The changing weather and some medicines are making everyday as “not good” hair day for me. So I got hold of the hair spa at home kit from Loreal. This is giving me legit results as of now. 🙂

Loreal Hair Spa Smoothing Cream Bath

Price: Rs 795


For the comfy evening outings in Bombay I sure needed lace shorts which I am really fond of now.

Mid Waist Lace Shorts

Price: Rs. 1,015


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