7 Reasons People are Obsessed with Starbucks!

Ever since I started following Hollywood, I was enticed by the idea of carrying a cup of coffee to office. And when it came to finally “do it”, well, it wasn’t just possible..

Yet, the thought of coffee with friends at Starbucks is very possible task for everyday 😉

And it brings so many things on the ‘to do’ list.

If you are looking for reasons Why do we actually go to Starbucks???

1. To get the feel of being in “New York”.

While we are sipping the expensive glass of coffee we just pretend to be in New York.


2.To hear our names as a shoutout

That’s a pretty darn way to tell everyone your name.


3. For the check-ins on social media.

Obviously that’s what makes us the cool kids on the block.




4. Selfies with the coffee cup which has our name on it.

Basically this is a selfie of the cup and you are just majorly photobombing the picture.

5. For the sake of Instagram.

When ‘just’ a check-in won’t do.

6. Free WiFi.

We all know it’s a gimmick.


7. That is the only place where you can proudly say “Yes Decaf Please”.

Decaf is so cool !!! And do we even know what decaf is all about??? Nah…. Who cares… I want my DECAF


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