7 essentials for summer #TuesdayTips

The summer should actually bring the absolute love of outdoor recreation within us, but somehow it makes me an introvert all of a sudden. Rather relish the comforts of home. Although summer is the perfect time for numerous weekend getaways to beat the heat.

Well, I was a fool all my life to think that living by the sea is “nice” and “cool”, that meant no sweat for me ( OK, I did not have an idea about the hot currents when I was small, I know you all too thought the same 😉 Am I right?? ). Living by the coast has various health benefits as per the experts but what about the heat. Arabian sea brings the worst hot currents and above all I live in the Tropical climate.

This all leaves me with some of my favourite essential ingredients for my perfect summer.  Because whom am I kidding I have to go out in the sun after all.

So my top 7 Summer essentials to keep in the wardrobe are here:

Flip flops are the next best thing to going barefoot. 

Sunnies check 

Comfort of Linens 

Moisture surge by Clinique

Whites, A lot of Whites

More Whites

Till I have my own Mansur Gavriel bag I ll add the colour to summer with my Bucket bag

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