Happy Feet #MondayMustHaves!!

Oftentimes when we think of comfortable shoes, we think we have to compromise on style. Now, we have to be honest and say that we do have a handful of pairs of heels but not one pair feels like the walking-on-a-cloud sensation. That is the hard work for looking good we have to do.

Overwhelming majority of women I have met in my life have told me that they have simply given up wearing high heeled shoes.  They have worn and loved their stilettos since their teens but they just can’t take the pain any longer and are finally noticing the damage they’ve caused to their feet.

But no matter how much pain they have endured or damage they have afflicted upon themselves, every woman says, if they are planning to attend a major event, they’re willing to endure just a little more pain to be fashionable.

Is it really true that stylishness and comfort are mutually exclusive?  If by “fashionable” we mean 5-inch stiletto heels and some of the super-pointy toe boxes we spot, this may appear to be the case.

Dr Scholls is trying to help women feel the fashionable comfort.

Dr Scholls high heels insole is basically an adhesive gel insert, like a cushioned sticker, that fits into high heels to make them more comfortable.

images (4) dr-scholls-high-heel-insoles-details

They are claimed to be ultra soft and are thicker and more supportive and consequently more supportive.

They were the best finds for me this week and i think I am going to use them for long as they suit my feet quite well.

These forgotten products sometimes need to be revived as our everyday fashion is in a desperate need of comfort too.

Also, Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Ball of Foot Cushion is on the Happy Feet wishlist.


To celebrate our Happy feet we have to go by the contrary of the saying “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

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