Fashion and health meet here!

Making health choices is a difficult routine in today’s busy urban life and keeping track of your health regime is tougher. An activity & health tracker can help though. An activity tracker makes you more mindful of your present activity level, which is a huge first step to getting fit.

When we search for Sports gadgets and trackers there are so many we can choose from. Wearable fashion sports gadgets are the best fitness trackers on the market today.

New devices turn up on online shopping sites every month. But not all of them track everything you’d expect, and not all are worth your money.

Bellabeat Leaf is one smart & accurate tracker I found to be perfect and worth the money.






Fashion wearable that helps you take better care of your health by tracking your activity, sleep and stress, providing you insights through your iPhone or Android.

It can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, brooch is a smart Jewellery for today’s woman.

Why this is perfect for women today is because it track everything from activity, sleep and stress levels 7 the company is adding new features to the app and device itself that allows women to track their overall reproductive health.

Unlike other wearable gadgets which are usually bulky, have plastic bands that make them look more like sports watches, the Leaf is made of recyclable European wood and steel, and It has a chic and elegant design of any jewellery women would love to wear.

Expecting Mothers are normally ignored by the health tracking manufacturers, Bellabeat has manufactured a shell specially designed for the women on their family way.

To my belief this piece of jewellery is going to be a revolution in making fashion and health go hand in hand.

Whether your health goals are modest or you’re hoping for a full fitness transformation, using a personal health tracking device can go a long way toward helping you understand if the exercise and health habits you keep are contributing to the new you.

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