The tale of the Fashion inclusion in social media!

Today when Fashion is taking every step in becoming prime business, social media is the focus for every fashion entity. Social media has become a part of our globally connected world in multiple ways.

Needless to say Facebook is a benchmark in the social media and now, Instagram is it’s child trying to take baby steps towards the social media inclusion.

With all the buzz social media had half a decade ago, Facebook kept moving on in making it easier for people to connect worldwide and gradually the Fashion houses found their place in social media, it was time to capture the gist in one place.

Fashion houses have been, with time, coming out of their cocoons of runways to present their collections each year and to keep swimming in the sea they had to take charge of social media. They very soon realized the affects of Facebook and Instagram on the consumers. From fashion bloggers to fashion editors, everyone is connecting with their viewers and readers through Facebook and Instagram.

The social media sometimes helps to completely dissolve the illusory boundaries between ourselves and the world. It is the mind that creates the separation between ourselves and the rest of the world, while our actual experience tells a very different story, where there is no such boundary or limitation. The Fashion houses, Designers, Editors & Bloggers today, are rising beyond these boundaries all because of the network of social media.

The collection of Brands & Bloggers participating on Instagram is growing daily and now the bloggers are called influencers (well for the obvious reasons).

In the light of advertisement & business Instagram has even launched “Carousel ad”. As Facebook recently launched it’s version of business ads “Facebook for business”, Instagram has come up with it’s “Instagram for business” version too.

This multi page print magazine spread is called carousel ad. Advertisers can include up to four photos that people can swipe through as well as a link to a dedicated landing page.

So, should we come to a conclusion about the fact that online merchandising is the new window to Visual merchandising in the retail world?

I believe in our busy busy lives, to satisfy our appetite of Fashion, we did need something like carousel ads. But the designers and influencers are quite efficient in doing the same for us.







Instagram surprisingly has become a platform for genuine and real fashion, also lifestyle. It is on the face presenting to the world, every bit of fashion today.

Ever since I started following these top fashion designers, editors, stylists, and photographers on Instagram, my feed has become a lot more stylish. Everyone has their own secrets to their social media success, but the fact remains the same, they are all using Social media for their success.

Legal issues:

The naturally interactive qualities of social media make it an effective tool, allowing people to be a part of the process of fashion making. This is great for the fashion industry which can tend to be closed off and secretive in their inspiration processes, opening it up for more people to appreciate and enjoy.

The confusion of the designs sometimes can take toll over the originals. Deceptively similar articles are the major concerns to be looked up by the brand. Keeping up with the competition is of the utmost importance.


Insta8 Insta9 Insta10

So the point is, with social media sites only growing in the pursuit of social inclusion  & focus shifting towards major influencers from social media sites, it’s a brave new world for the fashion industry and retailers.

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