Pocket full of Roses!! by Pinkmud – Story of a Perfume III

As perfumes evolve there are always some relics of the past that stay the same, perfumes that defy trends and fashion and remain in production for decades. I am not talking about legendary perfumes that have become the gold standard of their genre. I am not talking about the cult fragrances. I am talking about the every day perfumes.

Speaking on the trend that has brought more attention to the possibilities of diffusing scents Pinkmud is making a mark.

Creating and appreciating fragrance is about desire and longing. What is eventually the ultimate desire for a woman?

I guess Pinkmud is trying to answer that exact question.

There are four particular fragrances- Sexy, Foxy, Tipsy and Classy.

Sexy is supposed to be for the night outs. It has Berry, Jasmine and Caramel (My feeling is that if it’s good enough to spray in the air I breathe then it’s good enough to wear.)


Foxy is a sweet everyday perfume for the floral fragrance lovers. It has Tangerine too for the citrus note. ( I love the bottle J )


Tipsy seems to be more of a fun perfume. It has Cranberries, Roses and Patchouli. Well, Cranberries make perfect cocktails and Tipsy sure is a perfect cocktail of perfumes.


Classy is to Lavender. I love the classics and for reasons I do not fully understand I have often found myself salivating over vintage & classics. Classy by Pink Mud is a new way to bring the classics back. It has Lavender, Roses and Wood.


One of the stronger olfactive memories most of us share is the memory of our mother, getting ready. Lipstick, hairspray & perfume. Above and beyond anything I can say, Perfumes capture this moment in time, when mother leans over our bed to give us a kiss goodnight. No one note being able to define this experience, just a sweet amalgamation of nostalgic constituents echoing back from the perforation of our childhood.

The pocket sized boxes are worth a try too.

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