5 Krafftwork Jewels you want today!

Krafftwork is turning one and I came across these beautiful jewels and could not stop posting them here. It goes without saying that Krafftwork has come up with some really great fashionable designs in their Jewels.

As someone who often struggles to decide between one piece of jewellery and another on any given day, I have decided to get my hands on these jewels more often. I never get tired of seeing how women use jewellery to accentuate a look, but what really inspires me is when the jewellery is the foundation around which a look is built.

Krafftwork has made these Jewels exactly how we like it!

1. Blue Alloy Danglers & Drop

Price: Rs 449/- (Buy Here)


2. Pink Alloy Stud 

Price: Rs 449/- (Buy Here)


3. Golden Alloy Bracelet

Price: Rs 529/- (Buy here)


4. Golden Alloy Ring

Price: Rs 399/-  (Buy Here)


5. Silver Alloy Bracelet

Price: Rs 559/- (Buy Here)


– Mayrose By Nivea

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2 thoughts on “5 Krafftwork Jewels you want today!

  1. Johanna says:

    Hi, you have a very cute blog! I was just surfing the web, looking for some ideas for my next blog posts ( I write for a UK jewellery blog) when I stumbled across this article, oh, and also your Eina Ahluwalia post from today. Really nice images and really clean, simple, fresh layout. Just wanted to tell you I like your work & regards from one blogger to another!

    Johanna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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