Are you old enough to watch Game Of Thrones???

Maisie Williams was a guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live recently and no doubt she looked exceptionally cool with Howard there 🙂


Image Source: Instagram , where she wrote “Howard and I enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. (Howard is my froggy handbag)🐸 Thankyou so much for having us/me. If you missed it you can catch up on YouTube x”

While watching the show the question popped up that “Is anyone ever old enough to watch Game Of Thrones?”

Well I think the answer to this question is not known to any fan at all. Can you ever be old enough to watch Game of Thrones?? But you are always old enough to grow past the nudity and use your brain in figuring out who is going to be killed in each episode 😉

Love, hate, pride, rage, devotion, fear – The Game of Thrones Series definitely leaves strong impression on its viewers! Your favourite characters are not invincible and the directors will not spare them so you could go to bed happy.

What are your reasons to watch The Game of Thrones and which characters are the ones that keep you glued to your Tele.??

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