McDonalds is entering the Fashion & Lifestyle Game!!

Sometimes in the middle of some Fashion weeks McDonalds decided to become a game changer and launch a fashion and lifestyle line. 

For the Quirky innate character of a Big Mac lover, McDonalds has launched set of Wallpapers, Blankets, Bedsheets, Boots, and clothes. It was launched in Sweden on Tuesday. For now it is available only in Sweden and does not ship worldwide, but it won’t long for us to expect them to sell the fashion line worldwide.

This collection was part of a global day of McDonald’s hijinks called imlovinit24, there were other spotlight antics from McDonald’s marketing teams in 24 cities worldwide in 24 hours. Another feature in Sydney was a giant coffee cup ball pit.

McDonalds literally needs an award for this marketing campaign. The website’s tag is “24 gifts of joy. In 24 cities. Over 24 hours. #imlovinit.” Well, I am simply loving it for sure. 

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 Profits from the McFashion pieces benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Whether McFashion remains a stunt or turns out to be a rage among the Big Mac lovers is still a question. But swedes are loving it at the moment and wearing it too.

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