You will not believe what happened at Amazon India Fashion Week!!!

What happens when a fashion designer shows some hip models dressed in black and white walking inside a general ward of some hospital ( of course it was just the set)? The crowd is enthralled. The ramp was transformed into a hospital with beds spread across the runway, bringing alive the feel of a hospital (we don’t like being in a hospital otherwise).

Rajesh Pratap Singh who is known for his minimalist designs named his 2015-16 collection as “Laughter is the Best Medicine” and he has dedicated his collection to the medical practitioners ( and the patients too i guess).

“This is a tribute to the people… to the health workers and everything that they work through… the kind of life they have”- the designer said.

There were a lot of accessories from the hospitals, Sringes, Drips, Surgical masks.

In the process of designing the whole ramp, the designer seemed to divert the attention from the clothing designs. Monochromatic aura of the hospital is one thing and the Monochrome silhouettes on the runway in terms of fashion is another.

1.4 rajeshpratapsingh_autumnwinter2015_amazonindiafashionweek_2015_4 rajeshpratapsingh_autumnwinter2015_amazonindiafashionweek_2015_5

Designers today are trying to take steps towards the community at large but that attempt was seriously not accomplished at the Amazon India Fashion Week. The diversion toward the set might cost a little too much for the collection as a whole.

During the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week 2015 a benchmark was set as we saw the acceptability of disability in the fashion industry. From Down syndrome to Physical disability, the world witnessed the change in the NYFW. It might be a beginning of the change but it sure was a strong message to the world that style comes from within and nothing can stop a person from being stylish and fabulous.

Role Models Not Runway Models - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015

Actress Jamie Brewer best known for “American Horror Story”  was a part of Carrie Hammer’s runway, ‘Role models not runway models.’

Jack Eyers, personal trainer and model, was part of the FTL MODA presentation on Feb. 15 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The show was praised for its inclusion of disabled people, especially in an industry that is often criticised for it’s lack of diversity.

Having said that I feel India has a long path to go into the diverse zone of fashion.

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