Street Edits : Style is a primary matter of Instinct

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When you walk down the street, how often do you glance around at the other people’s style? Do you ever notice how people have chosen to put their clothes together?

In the cities where nobody stops to pay heed, street style has been finding ways to prove it’s Epic points in each age.

The world is but a canvas to our imagination and street style & fashion is a way of expressing that imagination of each Individual. The ability of Street style as an Artistic expression of an Individual is beyond measurements.

This reminds me of the opening song in Devil Wears Prada ‘Suddenly I see, Why the hell it means so much to me’. Why the hell??

Because I Love to express myself with the clothes I wear, to pour out my hidden personality traits, to communicate in a universal language called Fashion.

Street Style basically started with the youth moments of 70s (that is one reason 70s is a much important era of fashion), when there was a lot going on in the world. Punk, Gothic, Hippsters, and so on.

The events of 70s which led to the origin of Artistic expression in street fashion reminds me of torn T-shirts with obscure images and words, fish net stockings, spiked jewelry, safety pins, silver bracelets and heavy eyeliner worn by both men and women. The attitude of the early street style was rather provocative, angry, creative, individual, daring, critical, rebellious, freedom, self-confidence.

But gradually we see that the tone of street styling has blended down to not so provocative and subtle. Even though we find less anger in the street style of the people, still, there are many more ways to express the artist inside us through the fashion we follow on the streets.

In the world of fashion everybody is being fair to the style they love and follow.

“Fair use defence which includes Parody, Normative fair use, and Comparative advertisement are all protected as exception to trademark infringement under certain conditions.”

Fair use would be a very subjective term in Fashion. There are Parodies, Pastiches, Knock offs and straight counterfeits.

High fashion luxury labels have now found themselves to be stuck somewhere in between youth culture’s fashion craze: street wear parodies of well-known luxury labels, and some trademark infringement lawsuits. So being said, Street Style has a soul of it’s own which by the fair use of fashion by the stylists comes to life.

Personal style:

Street style is majorly personal and it is usually an inspirational output. So how much do we, while styling ourselves for the streets, create? It would be 10% inspiration and 90% creation for some but, it even might be just a Juxtaposition of the designer labels.

The point is that how much competition does a street styled outfit gives to the designers? Or is it the other way round?

Because the journey of an Outfit does not stop at the doors of only a designer, an outfit would need styling to complete its purpose.

Street style Influence

Once upon a time the designers did not aim for the influence of consumers, but their own influences on the consumers. Yet rarely, the consumers did make an influence on the designers.

Today, these consumers are on the streets showing their own style and trying to make a mark on the Fashion industry one style at a time.

The creativity applied by the street stylists cannot be eluded by the designers themselves as these street stylists make a big point for the Fashion in front of the world at large.

So, will it be true to say that, today, the Fashion Influencers and the Designers go hand in hand to accomplish their goals of making each collection a success in the Business of Fashion?

My personal view sticks to the point that A fashion Collection has a meaning far beyond the Runways and that is only seen on the streets when the Influencers  adorn the outfits.

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