#MondayMusthaves, Story of a Perfume II

Ralph Waldo Emerson said ” Happiness is a Perfume you cannot pour on others without getting some on yourself.”

Fragrances have found a very intimate place in a woman’s life and there can be various reasons why we wear perfumes like the memories a fragrance invokes, to make us feel desired, the ability to show individuality and sense of power, but ultimately it boils down to one reason that wearing fragrance makes us Happy, which is exceptional.

And how can we not feel the boost of energy in our everyday life because of a fragrance. Have you ever felt that a fragrance has driven you even more towards you desires and goals ?? Well, I have.

I have curated some of my Favourite Happy perfumes here. Find today the fragrance that makes you happy.

1. Dot by Marc Jacobs

It is my personal favourite, I started using it only a year back and I am totally in love with this fruity fragrance. The design of the bottle seems to be a Beetle and the Butterfly combo. How cute is pearl butterfly on it.

IMG_1675 nd.14781

2. Heat by Beyonce 

All I can think of is roses when I smell Heat by Beyonce. Of course this is one perfume which brings the brightest of my memories from the day of my wedding 🙂

66502W IMG_1670

3. Chanel no.5

I think this perfume is on the hit list of almost every woman and it doesn’t need any introduction 🙂

It has hints of Vanilla, Jasmine and Mayrose for a powerful fragrance which is a style statement in itself.


4. Versace Bright crystal

Classy, chic and ladylike, this scent is exactly what comes to mind when you think of the scent of a woman.


5. Burburry Body

The perfect musing of fruity notes and a tinge of wood and vanilla, this is a perfume for a fresh day.


To buy, Click on the pictures

These are this week’s Monday Must haves, I ll be bringing more of these musings on weekly basis. Keep showing the love 🙂 ❤

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