The contemporary rules of wearing the Oxford shirt!

Just like denims, oxford shirts are the most staple of the garments in our wardrobes and there are plenty of different ways you can style them.

I love styling my favourite Oxford shirt with my skirts but I don’t shy away from finding the new ways to wear this favourite piece from my closet. I would love sharing what all I have thought about the styling.

1.Oxford shirts go royally with the tea length skirts. be1f25e3a7001c78d6a7825fb9757507

The voluminous ladylike silhouette brings magic to the whole attire. Pairing them with oxford shirts makes it totally royal (I so want to say Royaaaalll 🙂 )

2. Embellished Collar.


A sprinkle of sparkle always works wonders. The embellished collar makes it a little more fun to wear the oxford shirts.

3. Formal Suits.


Suits are the best way to style an oxford shirt with when going for a meeting.

Why should we leave our playful selves at home when at work???  🙂

4. Oxford shoes. 

Taylor Swift Goes For A Stroll With A "13" On Her Hand

What better shoes we will get to wear with the oxford shirt. Oxford shoes are the ultimate pair for the white oxford shirts. I mean they are made for each other (there has to be a reason they are named the same ).

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