Story of a perfume!

The history of perfume is as old as the human being exists nobody knows exactly when the perfume culture originated.

The word perfume, derived from the Latin per fumum, means smoke. It’s history when tracked backwards has Egypt, Greece, Romans, and Arabs in its realm. Later during the time of classicism (Aesthetic attitudes and principles manifested in the art, architecture, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome) it took a totally different turn. Before classicism it was used for religious purposes but later it took over the major part of trade as various spices were used in the production of these most sought after fragrances.

The infamous Eaux De Toilette came to origin in the second half of the 14th century which was the fluid perfume produced on basis of alcohol and ethereal oils. There is a legend about the toilet water ‘eau de la reine de hongrie’ made on the basis of rosemary which tells that queen Elisabeth of Hungary who was 70 years old, in poor health took the extract and completely recovered. She rejuvenated so much, that the king of Poland proposed to her.

The another revolution came in the 18th Century by the introduction of Eau De Cologne. Napoleon is said to be the biggest user of eau de cologne.

The real revolution came in the 20th century when nearly 2 000 people were working in the French perfume industry, and the perfumes started to be introduced as a part of the Fashion Line.

Although Gabriel Chanel was not the first one to introduce perfume as a substitute in a fashion line but she did bring a revolution when she introduced the perfume Chanel no. 5 at the market, developed by Ernest Beaux. 

When we talk about paradise, we imagine a luxuriant garden, full of scenting flowers.Today the perfume is a luxury industry as never before which is bringing one paradise at time to our homes.

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