Pantone’s Colour report of Spring 2015




We have been posting about spring and have been meaning to post the colour report. I love colours and love hoe we women can express our inner selves with colours.

Spring  is usually related to to the colour Yellow. I personally Love Yellow but this year its about the soothing tones.

1. Aquamarine.
2. Scuba Blue.
3. Lucite Green.
4. Classic Blue.
5. Toasted Almond.
6. Strawberry Ice.
7. Tangerine.
8. Custard.
9. Marsala.
10. Glacier Gray.

My personal Favourite in this colour report is Lucita Green. A soft and serene green that has clarity to offer to the fashion-digging souls.

Although I don’t feel this should be limited to spring. This colour report is going to be in my closet for the whole year and may be the years to come 🙂


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