#THANKFULTHURSDAY & My new campaign

I hope everyone is having a great week.

I have been meaning to write a thank you note to all my followers and supporters. It’s been a very fruitful Month so far and I thank you all for the Love and Support you have given me thus far. Keep the love coming and I promise it will be the rosiest of the journeys 🙂 ❤  Wow, the first month and I already have so many friends from different corners of the world 🙂 I would love to Interact more with all you guys so keep the comments coming or you can even mail me at mayrosebynivea@gmail.com. 

As it’s the beginning of the path it’s a Mayhem for me too, but as I had promised I stayed far from the table talking 🙂

I am starting a campaign to stop counterfeit cosmetics. You must have read my post yesterday. If you missed it. Read here. If you have any suggestion or want me to post about something in specific regarding this campaign you are most welcome to mail me at the same address.

I am trying to bring all the counterfeiting mediums in light and would love to get more and more response from you guys.

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