Are you a True Fashionista? Find out here!

For every Woman, Fashion is the true Art. Women love to express themselves through Fashion and if you accomplish the expression…. You are a true Fashionista.


To celebrate your fashion instincts we bring you the Top 10 signs that you are a truely true Fashionista.

1. New York, Paris and Milan are on your dream destinations list. 


2. You always had Crop Tops in your closet and now you can’t resist telling others – “I told you so”.


3.You take pride in the fact that you can identify pieces celebrities are wearing.


4. You’re the girl all your friends come to when there is a new trend in town. 

And of course you know the difference between the first copy and the originals. ( Always buy originals is your Secret Campaign) 


5. Your Casual is Always Fashion for others.


6. You will always be happy to wear those 5 inch heels and go by the rule- “No Pain No Gain”. 


7. You love reading Books… Well with glossy sheets and lots of Photographs of the latest collections. 😉 


8. You have no problem with pajama dressing outside the house.


9. You love turning your torn denims into shorts. 


10. Your Monthly salary goes into major fashion INVESTMENTS (Well, because we like our money just where we can see it:) ❤ IN OUR CLOSETS)


And Ultimately. You believe SHoPpiNg is KARMA!!

They may seem strange to other people, but to us, they’re totally normal.

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