Counterfeiting Alert!- How to spot fake MAC cosmetics


Whenever I visit some small shop in the neighborhood to buy stuff… I always see them selling cosmetics from some big names like Mac, Chanel, Even Louis Vuitton (and I am like when did they start making cosmetics. LOL) and the sales people will try to convince the visitors to buy these cosmetics for prices way cheaper than the originals. Most of them can’t tell the difference between the fakes and the originals and sometimes even when they can, they buy it because the fakes cost less. The counterfeit can be a good copy of the original but it is more likely dangerous. I always get this urge to go to those women and tell them that what they are buying should not be used but, well, It’s hard doing that in today’s age.

Product counterfeiting is an Intellectual Property (IP) crime. It is defined as a deliberate attempt to deceive consumers by copying and marketing goods bearing well-known trade marks, together with packaging and product appearance. Product counterfeits look like those made by a reputable manufacturer when they are, in fact, inferior illegal copies that can have a serious impact on the health and safety of the consumer.

If the women are not educated about the fakes, they ll keep getting catfished.

In India, one product which is prone to be counterfeited is MAC.

MAC is a very popular high end make-up brand, but it is also an expensive one. Many people want to get their MAC makeup for less than the retail price. So they try buying them from small shops and the problem there is that the ingredients can be harmful for you, so if you suspect that something is fake, do not use it for the sake of your own health.

  1. Know your Brands– Every brand has a trademark logo, Recognizing the logo mean you know exactly what you are buying. The major brands always have Brand outlets. You should always buy from the authorized retailers or brand outlets (which are always mentioned on the websites)
  2. Sometimes in areas where Brands don’t have retail stores some local stores house a lot of Brands under one roof. That is when you need to be more careful.
  3. Every brand introduces a new collection according to seasons or on yearly basis. You should know what is the latest collection before you go and buy something new. The best convincing sentence for Women is “It’s latest collection” and the you are like ‘wow I ll have it first’. That’s when you need to put your brand radar on its maximum range because they might be selling you fakes in the name of new collection.
  4. Always buy sealed Products. I’ve seen some shops selling the same products which they swatch on hands, First things first- Its unhygienic and Second, they won’t waste their good products on swatches.
  5. Next time you go shopping remember the key points.
  • Name instead of number: Authentic M.A.C. eyeshadows will never have a product number. It’ll always be a name. However, some fakes will print a color code instead of a name.
  • Odors : Authentic M.A.C. products don’t have odors. However, some fakes do.
  • Level of pigmentation: M.A.C products are very highly pigmented. Some fakes manage to pull this off, but many, especially the cheaper ones, are too light.


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You should Report Counterfeits

TTo report counterfeits, please call +91 22 6147 9800 or email at The following information is helpful to us when trying to take action against a counterfeiter:

– Location Name and Address

– Type of Location (Internet site, independent boutique, unauthorized retailer, etc.)

– Product Being Sold

– Details of any Trademarks (the M•A•C logo or specific designs)

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