5 Party Dresses, Hand-Picked By MayroseByNivea

As tempting as it is to be in our pajamas and watch Harry Potter all weekend, we’ve got things to do! When a girl has RSVPed to the Party of the month and can’t choose all those dresses from her closet, all she needs is the expertly curated picks. So, get clicking to shop now. All that’s left to do is shop shop shop from these picks.

1. Gossip is news running ahead of itself in a Red dress. 





Mango Red Wrapped Detail Dress. Available Here. 











 2. Be Chic in Monochrome.

Elle black dress




ElleBlack Dress. Available here. 












3. Rule of a Lady. Three words. Little.Black.Dress.






French Connection: Black Short Dress. Available here.










4. I’m Just trying to change the world, One Sequin at a time.







Forever 21 Beaded Paneled Sequin Dress. Available here 









5. You ‘re never fully dressed without a Smile and flowers bring more smiles. 







French Connection Yellow Multi Color Sleeve Less Floral Dress. Available here. 








Get those Black pumps of your and drop ear rings, Voila…. You are party ready!!


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