Tsunamika is going Mainstream in the Lakme Fashion Week 2015!

All the people who know me well know what Tsunamika is, as I have always gifted those cute Little dolls to my Loved ones. All thanks to the designers Rahul n Shikha, Tsunamika is going to make it to the Lakme Fashion Week 2015. For those who don’t know what Tsunamika is-

She emerged as a response to the devastation brought about by the Tsunami of December 26th, 2004. Initiated by the international township of Auroville, on the southern coast of India, as a way of healing and transforming the trauma caused, hundreds of fisherwomen were trained to make little dolls out of left-over fabric.

The little doll called Tsunamika, became very popular among those who received her as a gift and thus she became a new livelihood option for the women who were making her. Now Tsunamika reaches households in many nations through a network of volunteers as a symbol of joy, hope and unconditional giving. She is a beloved friend to children and adults alike. This is her story.


Rahul N Shikha’s Summer resort 2015 collection is about this girl who spreads joy and love even after suffering from a tragedy like Tsunami.

At first I was psyched with this info that I couldn’t believe it. I am a vivid lover of Tsunamika and very excited for her to be a part of the Fashion week.

We got a sneak Peak of the collection.

Image Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook


Image Source: Facebook


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