The Day It Was! – San- Cha Tea Boutique!

As we were in Kala Ghoda on Saturday we decided take a walk in the narrow aisles. The south Mumbai’s historic precinct is always alive even when the Famous Art Festival is not happening. Kala Ghoda is full of those Intimate spaces for the Food and art lovers. Well, every visit to Kala Ghoda has given me different reasons to love the place and this time I found a new one.

The Ropewalk lane is the T-section of Kala Ghoda where you find Kala ghoda cafe, La-folie Patisserie, The Pantry (some of my favourite places to eat out). So we went to the Ropewalk Lane and found a new store right next to Kala Ghoda cafe and we just couldn’t stop ourselves from exploring it. San-Cha Tea Boutique. The newly opened store for the Tea lovers offers so many different types of teas (I didn’t know about the White Tea).

The Sancha selections represent teas that are painstakingly assessed and selected by the professionals from amongst thousands of batches produced in the country of origin, India.

After looking around we got to try their newly blended tea. Jasmine Green tea. Well I wish I could describe the Energy running in my veins in words. Its like I’ve been having the wrong teas from ages.

This is supposed to be the pinnacle of green teas. My hunch, tea is the new Champagne.

IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5258 IMG_5259 IMG_5260 IMG_5261


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