Denim Tales!

img-thing (4)Casual is the new Sexy as we are witnessing casual in every walk of fashion today but Denim is still struggling to find its place in field of fashion. Although Denim started out being worn by workers due to it’s durability and it’s tough texture,the ultra comfort apparel is today the most worn and is a staple garment that everyone owns.

Why still struggling??? Its like Potatoes. Denim has been such a staple that we forget to give it that special place in our wardrobe and although they are the precious piece which can’t be replaced yet they are unnoticed.

How did Denim become such staple?

Leob Strauss in the 1800’s tailored the miner jeans for the American gold miners and then later branded the Wholesale business as LEVI STRAUSS. (Which was of course my first pair of Denims)

In the 1980′s Denims became very high fashion clothing. Famous fashion designers like Gucci started making Denims, with their own labels on them. Denims lost that worker tag and became the fashion statement. With time many other brand started making Denims and it became the essential part of our lives before we knew it.

From past few years there was speculation if denim suffering a slow death or is it just a victim of fickle fashion trends. Here denim as an apparel (the pair of pants) is taken different from Denim as a Fabric because today articles of clothing such as dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts, coats, jackets and even leggings are produced in Denim.

The Denim trends keep coming back with time. The boot cut jeans from 70s is on its way back, the casual boyfriend style jeans are always there is our closets, the Formal Jean trousers are the love of an office girl.

Its quite alluring a fact that every type of Denim offers a drastically different perspective of the same person. it won’t be wrong to say that Denim plays an important part in making a person look Feeble-ous (ok its Feeble) to Fabulous.

So when Denim is so precious to us that we can’t live without them and its the warmest and the boldest of the blue we love yet we forget to give Denim That Special place.

Today, even though the Fashion Industry is every time able to accomplish the task of making Denim as a front runner of the Fashion statement, Denim struggles to make its mark on the Specials.

Well, Denim is such a major part of our lives that I think it’s safe to say Denim will not be going anywhere any time soon! It’s here to stay! (but is still has to struggle!!)

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