Why Lumbersexual is a symbol of Freedom!

If you are a Fashion enthusiast you might have come across a new term being associated with the ‘free being’ kind of men, the Lumbersexual. A man whose lives by the only philosophy of freedom and free will is a Lumbersexual. The man who does not fancy the outlook of his being and is concerned about existing in the natural habitat is a Lumbersexual.

The rising activism of environment at par with technology is believed to be the origin of the term Lumbsersexual. 

Today the natural instinct of a man has made an impression on the fashion world and the rugged looking bearded guy who drinks beer is now a fashion symbol and is called a Lumbersexual. He is the man who looks like a lumberjack but is an ‘Erudite’. Erudite i said as Erudite values the virtue of intelligence and wisdom over any other.

The question is that, is it just a term of is this a total way of living??

I recently came across two philosophical terms by Renes Descartes, “ Suspiro Ergo Sum” and “Cogito Ergo Sum” meaning ‘I Sigh, therefore I am’ and ‘I think therefore I am’, respectively.
Sigh doesn’t literally mean Sigh but to Breath. We Inhale the world and breath out the meaning- that is what Lumbersexuals do. They sigh, therefore they are’. ‘They think therefore they are.’

Lumbersexual is not a term which limits the look of the man to a long ungroomed beard, It is the term which defines the instincts of a human being who has only one thing going on at the back of his mind at every moment- “The question is not who is going to let me; Its who is going to stop me?” and who believes in the freedom of “ wanting nothing, expecting nothing and depending on nothing”. 

Lumbersexual is an individual with a distinguishable identity in the crowd not only because of his beard and the look but because of his way of life.

This male archetype is indeed different from any other male identities in its emphasis on a specific performance of masculinity, because in 21st century Masculinity is not only about the axe a man could carry to cut the lumber (red timber) but his hallmark of individuality in the western civilization and to trust only that which is clearly and distinctly seen to be beyond any doubt. 

The term Lumbersexual would be a symbol of freedom.

The idea behind the term is not to define “what a man does not do but what a can do”. The idea is to define the freedom of choice of a man in one word. A thing is called free that exists and acts out of the pure necessity of its nature, and is called compelled, if its existence and activity are exactly and inflexibly determined by something else.

Lumbersexual is Free.

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