Apple & its own Fashion statement- All you need to know!!!

Apple is said to always have its own motivation and not look outward for the motivation to come in the live’s of people. With Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, and I. The alphabet “I” associated with the apple products have always made people feel that “Maverick” trait in them all. Owning a new Iphone has always brought out that Maverick from within them. Even when their have been criticisms about nothing new ‘as such’ in the Iphone 5s and then Iphone 6 other than the bodies, Iphone still managed to be the Icon in 2014-15 too.
With its long lived loyalty with its users, by passing time, Apple has become a Fashion and Style icon with people from different centers of world.

Talk about Facetime making a debut on the runway when Cara Delevingne FaceTimed Her Way Into the Céline Fall 2015 Show Last week. Snapchat has become most used by the celebrities at par with Instagram. Iphone doesn’t need advertisements coz the celebs clicking selfies are already advertising ‘Iphones’ ( I mean who has a galaxy these days??? :/)

Gradually and slowly Apple saw itself in the middle of the fashion world and it wanted to make a bigger impression in the industry. So what does it do. It finally launches the ‘Apple Watch’. 

The Apple Watch as the critics are pointing out is only a Fashion statement. Well, isn’t that what exactly Apple wanted.

But here comes one problem with the ‘Apple Watch’, We can try it on and see how it looks, Compare it with other Chronograph watches, come to a conclusion that it might just not be the watch we need because… Well, We would rather have a Rolex (not just because it has been in the market from eternity but because it is THE watch to have).

The ‘Apple Watch’ might take a while to get into the game. There are a lot of speculations about its credibility as a watch. Above all, the price is going to be from £299 to £8,000.

To make it a Fashion icon, for the first time Apple has launched an advertising campaign with a 12 page insert in the March issue of Vogue. (It seems Apple is indeed worried about the popularity of their Watch)

In our view, the Apple Watch might still have a chance to become a fashion statement and end up becoming one of the Luxury products every fashion enthusiast wants to own as a treasure.

We are waiting to see that once the Apple Watch comes into the market, how much time does it take to conquer its new place (we are not comparing it with the Iphones because they have their own mark in the market) and become The Fashion Statement.

The main thing we will wait to see is that “Does Apple Watch bring out that Maverick from within us?”


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