5 “Forever 21” Skirts your Wardrobe needs this summer!!

Summer is coming and its about time we start preparing for our perfect summer outfits. Skirts can be the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe and there are many different styles to select from. Every year we all get carried away shopping the wrong skirts. How many times does it happen that we buy a skirt and when we want to wear it, we never find a perfect top wear in our wardrobe.

This year we help you put together the perfect 5 skirts from Forever 21.

1. The Vibrant slit Maxi skirt.

The skirt which you want in your wardrobe for those casual adventurous days. You can pair it with White shirts or String tops.

Cost: Rs: 1369/- Vibrant slit maxi Dress (Click to Buy)

Forever 21 skirt

Image source: Forever21.com

2. The floral Knit Skater skirt. 

It is a must have for the fun loving girl in you.

Cost: Rs 559/- (Sold Out)

Forever 21 skirt1

Image source: Forever21.com

3. The abstract Printed Pencil Skirt.

This is a perfect office skirt for summer. It is one skirt which will always bring you compliments. 🙂

Cost: Rs 939/- Abstract Printed Pencil Skirt (click to buy)

Forever abstract

Image source: Forever21.com

4. Metallic Pleated Skirt.

For all the party poppers, its is a perfect throw on skirt which can look casual as well as formal depending on the combinations you wear it with.

Cost: Rs 1689/- Metallic Pleated Skirt. (Click to Buy)

Forever21 skirt

Image source: Forever21.com

5. Chiffon Paneled Maxi Skirt.

If you are in ethnic cum modern combo kinda mood, this skirt will do wonders to your look.

One thing you need with this particular skirt is some gorgeous chunky jewelry .

Cost: Rs 1669/- Chiffon Paneled Maxi Skirt. (Click to Buy)


Image source: Forever21.com

So go on girls, its time to shop some your favourite skirts. We loved compiling them for you all and would love to hear back from you.

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