Everything you need for a flawless travel

Whenever you are traveling, you tend to want to carry everything because you might just need it or sometimes you just dont carry much stuff which was required. We women are always said to be carrying like the whole home in our bags, and sometimes even we get a little overboard with our travel preparation.

So. Here we bring you ‘ Everything you need to travel with poise’

1. Travel bag.

You need a fashionable travel bag in which you can organize all your go to things.

Image Source: Michael Kors

2. Sunnies. 

Sunnies are a must for travel and while you travel make sure you carry the one’s which are sturdy and take little space. If we know sunglasses, we do know that Ray ban makes the most sturdy sunglasses.

Image source: Ray-ban.com

3. Clinique Travel kit. 

When it comes to skincare on the go, travel kits are a must to be carried with you and Clinique is the only brand we would go for. You don’t have to carry the big Vanity box of yours when you have this small little Genie with you.

Image Source: Amazon.in


4. Charger. 

We always tend to forget chargers when we are busy packing other stuff.


So we bring you a stylish and fashionable mobile cover (portable charger) designed by Rebecca Minkoff. It is a perfect combination of style and technology.

We hope you travel smart and sexy.

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