How great is Zumba as a morning workout!!

I couldn’t imagine how it would be to be dancing early morning, It seemed a little out of my league because I am like a lazy bug in the morning (well isn’t everybody??) but then I was kind of intrigued by the idea of Zumba workout. So I finally tried It.

Zumba basically is an aerobic programme which is inspired from latin dance movements. Its origin is said to be a mistake by a colombian trainer who forgot his regular aerobic music cassette and had to play random latin music which he could get his hand pn from his car that day. After today’s Zumba workout I am actually thankful to him.

Its a blend of aerobic and rumba dance, the appealing factor about Zumba is its simplicity. Its not complex like Salsa, which is a cumbersome learning process. Zumba brings itself from within you just by listening to the beats of the Latin music.

I would say Zumba is a therapy for mind, body and soul.

Benefits of Zumba: If you are a busy working woman and don’t have time for Gym, Zumba is a perfect 15 minutes therapy for you.

Why I recommend it to be early morning: It brings an Aura of energy and power in you which you carry with yourself throughout the day.

And the best part is:  you lose those extra inches by having fun dancing.

Besties 🙂

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