#Dearme, Did we just invent TIME MACHINE????

So everyone on the social media is putting up these videos and letters addressing their 15 year old self. I saw this and I fumbled with joy that we Finally have a time machine (of course that has to be the reason behind these posts on social media, right!!). But then I had an epiphany, If there is Time machine now what would I use it for?? What time should I travel to?? Past is Past ( why is called PAST is that IT Has Passed; Gone; ) and the Future is yet to come ( DID not Happen)

Well, Time Travel is a complicated concept for some… but when you start thinking about it, “You reach your future at the rate of 60 seconds a minute”. But there has never been a ‘Known’ way to reach your past. It would be odd if I say that One should forget past at the same rate at which one reached future, It is odd because the Memory remains but the Incident passes. So our brain and body is “THE TIME MACHINE”, you can travel the past, live the present and dream the future.

As Doc Brown said in ‘Back to future’ : “It means your future hasn’t been written yet, no one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one”. He gave a clear view of time and future by explaining it to us that you can’t revisit what has not happened yet. But again you go to the past and then back to the present which for the past is the future hence ‘back to the future’ it is. (OK i got a lil off track and freaked out about the time travel)

So as I was saying if I make a video and leave it for my past self to get {here we have two scenarios : 1) sending it to my past self at that moment of which I am talking about in the video ; 2) leaving it right here and expecting my past self to get it when they reach this point of life} It will change the course of future.

Talking about the present, do we seriously have a time machine because it seems to me that everyone is convinced that there Is one. As they are all addressing themselves.

If yes, lets just destroy it! Because imagine everyone going back and forth in their lives and changing every bit they didn’t like and stuff…. it will just affect their present and make lives MISERABLE. PERIOD!!
If we think its a ground breaking Invention…. Well Nuclear Fusion was a discovery which lead to an invention which basically is a curse we are living with today.

All said. I love the way today has turned out and I didn’t receive any letter or video from my future self ( hence proved i am SANE in future too),  I Look forward to a beautiful Fashionable and Stylish tomorrow.


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