When the colour of spring is Red!

As Audrey Hepburn had once said ” There is a shade of Red for every woman” and Scientists say Your red might be different from My red (yes everybody sees it differently) but everybody does see the power of the colour Red. There is a strange social Science about the colour as far as the term power is concerned, Power seems to be complementary with the colour Red.

We love those Signature Christian Louboutin Red sole pumps and we love and who can forget when Blair Waldorf wore that Iconic Oscar de la renta pre fall 2010 gown in Gossip Girls. Recently Versace made a digital statement with bold colours in her collection in Milan spring collection of 2015 and the power colour was Red.
All been said, the beauty industry is not lagging behind in making women realise how powerful they might feel wearing that colour of power.
We would say that Red is the colour of spring this time as we see everything in red, from Designer apparels to Cosmetics. Loreal paris just launched its Pure Red collection and it is one diverse collection to try. It has to be termed as the best Red lipstick range in the market right now. There is a reason they have 7 shades of Red in this collection, Who would want to skip a day in the week without a lil Red in their life.  You have to have the full collection to know what we are talking about.

We sure will be wearing a lot of Red this Spring/Summer.

Loreal Paris Pure red collection gives a true meaning to the aforesaid Quote- “There is a shade of Red for every woman”


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