The Mayrose Wishlist for March 2015

Its a new month and its time we finally buy that new piece we had our eye on 🙂

Our wishlist is quite simple and desirable.

Because summer is almost here. So before you splurge, we have selected some fashion summer accessories which everyone should own this season. We are sure you can get some inspiration for your wardrobe additions.

1.Tea length Skirt.

il_340x270.464670512_s1jh il_340x270.663864739_s89i

Wearing a flared skirt brings out that fashionista in every woman. Its our first pick for a casual summer day out.

2. Straw hat.
Straw hats have always been our favourite. And they come handy for a sunny day out.

3. Sophia Webster Watermelon Pumps and Sling backs.


We fell in love with these since we first saw them. They are the exact combination of Chic and sexy. This is a must have.

4. Sunnies. 

A summer attire is never complete without those nice classy sunnies.

We are still in love with the Aldo 2013 sunnies.

5. Sunblock.

For any time you spend under the sun, you definitely need to put a sunblock before you head out.

We personally prefer Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch Sunblock. It’s not sticky and gives a matt finish.

We hope you like our picks.

If yes, do hit like or comment. We would love to have suggestions from you too.


Happy March!


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