Just another Thursday which threw back the Internet for #The Dress

While I was asleep, the internet was breaking because of the colour of “The Dress”. There were scientists figuring out what colour the dress is, Friends and Couples fought over it, even celebrities had some serious questions about it.

The girls behind the discussion just asked their friends to settle down the issue for them and it became viral. So after all the discussion it is actually a “Blue” coloured dress.

But the question of the hour is that ‘Are we all colour blind?’ or ‘Are we all colour ignorant?’
The percentage of internet users who saw it as Gold and White is on the same lines as the Percentage of people who saw it as Blue and Black. How confidant one gets about what he sees without knowing that he might be seeing it wrong. So is it that from now on, we should double check with others about what we see and how we see it? or should we just go about it as to how “we” see it.

I am not confused about the dress anymore, I m more concerned about my vision because I did see it as blue but after knowing that other saw it as gold, I was questioning my own vision. It is freaky….

Beyond all this stir, there one more point that colours are the essence of fashion houses. Colour has to called as a “Juggernaut” of fashion industry as designs alone would not do if the colours do not compliment the designs.


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