The many shoes of Comfort!!

We have seen the many shoes of fashion from Christian Louboutin to Salvatore Ferragamo.
Runway looks so flashy and classy with these luxe shoes but Some labels like Chanel have also launched there comfort shoes. We now know that comfort shoes are coming as the game changers in this age of fashion and lifestyle.

So here is our top 5 fashion comfort shoes pick.

1. Crocs. 

These are the lightweight everyday “Healthy” shoes. They especially are lined with antibacterial material to protect our sweet feet. Crocs are not so old in the market as they came to origin only in 2005.


Image courtesy: Crocs


Image courtesy: Crocs


Vans are the “cool” everyday footwear. Vans were originally used for surfing. (Now we know why they are so cool.)


Image courtesy: Vans

3. Converse.

Well who doesn’t love converse.

hot pink converse

Image courtesy: Pinterest

And the hot pink sneakers make their own statement.

4. Skechers.

They seem to have found a sweet spot in the hearts of people who love casual lifestyle.


Image courtesy: Skechers

5. Toms

In the classic loafer style design, toms are the perfect blend of chic, stylish and Simple.


Image courtesy: Toms


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