How this is going to work

Its about time I introduce myself and my blog to the world.

I am a lawyer who is a big time fashion enthusiast, own stylist, and a sucker for colours (ya colours, don’t know why everyone is spelling it COLORS these days. I like colours than colors as i like Bombay than Mumbai 😛 )

Have always had passion for writing and kept it to myself till now, when I decided that its time that I reveal myself to the world through my words and let the world soak me too.

So what was my Stimulus??
I never thought that the city which is so Chaotic can bring back hidden passions inside a person. The city I m talking about is Bombay.

And of course my passion for fashion and writing would not take down the lawyer in me, so I decided to work for the legal aspects of our fashion industry too. Hence the “highlights of critical issues for designers, retailers and manufacturers.”

A crazy person who is looking for so much more crazy stuff to read and write about. This is going to be my own bungee jump…


SO again, Its all about lifestyle here, Welcome to my blogosphere.


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